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Dalton Roofing

Warrnambool Roofing: Neglecting the general condition of your roof could come at a high cost to you in the long run. Our team can spot damages that need attention before it’s too late.

Dalton Roofing is your best choice if you need a roofing contractor or Roof Plumber in the Warrnambool and district area.

Dalton Roofing has a team of expert roofers and roof plumbers ready to cater to your roofing needs. Our services are not limited to repairs and maintenance of pre-existing roofs. We also roof new homes and can easily re-roof your property if damages are extensive. We’re just one phone call away from meeting your roofing needs. Get in touch with us today.

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Our Roofing Services

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A properly constructed roof is the secret behind any building that is efficiently protected from unwanted external elements. Investing in professional help to ensure quality is one way to guard against unnecessary complications in the future.

Dalton Roofing knows the importance of getting good work done on your roof every time. We are currently offering various roofing services to meet your needs, and some of our services include:


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Maintenance and Repair Of Roofs.

We provide quick and high-quality roofing repairs and maintenance. Our roofers can quickly identify faults and provide the necessary repairs to get your roof back to shape. We are also available to run your regular maintenance checks.


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Re-roofing Old Homes (Tile to Tin, Tin to Tin)

We also offer re-roofing services for damaged roofs. We are experts at handling tin roofing projects. Call us if you want to convert your old roofing material and use tin instead.


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Roofing New Homes.

At Dalton Roofing, you can get state-of-the-art new roofing for your new buildings. Roofing new buildings is very different from re-roofing and repairs, but we are well-versed in all you need for hassle-free projects. We can guide you on the proper colors, roofing type, and style suitable for your building and region.


Installation of Gutters.

We all know how vital roofing gutters are in collecting water. Our roofers are experts at constructing everything roof related, including gutters, ensuring the right fall and without leakages. We also offer roof cleaning and cleaning of roofing gutters.



Metal Fascias are highly recommended because it can be used for almost any building structure.

To learn more about our services and specialties and enquire about the best cause of action for your damaged fascia, schedule a quick routine roof inspection today.

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Why Should You

Choose Dalton Roofing Contractors?

Dalton Roofing

At Dalton Roofing, we have a team of licensed and qualified roofers who are well-equipped with the knowledge to handle your roofing construction needs in Warrnambool. Some of the reasons why we are the perfect fit for your roofing projects include the following:


Roof plumbers.

All Dalton Roofing staff have been put through adequate professional training giving them the knowledge to provide expert solutions for all your roofing needs. Our Contractors can be trusted to look after your building and roof’s best interest. Our team can also answer all your questions regarding local laws, thanks to years of experience handling other projects in and around Warrnambool.



Dalton Roofing prides itself on the quality of service offered to all our esteemed clients. Our roofers work hand in hand with homeowners answering all questions raised and devising solutions. We ensure that the outcome of your building’s roof is everything you want it to be. We have a long list of clients who worked with us that will attest to that fact.



The safety of our clients and our team during any roofing project is of utmost importance to us. You can trust us to have outline details that will ensure your building and property are unharmed after a project. Our team is always provided with all the necessary gear to prevent accidents from occuring. In addition, we are fully insured which provides you with peace of mind.

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» Need Urgent Help? .. The Dalton Roofing team is here!

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Dalton Roofing is ready for your call in Warrnambool, from routine maintenance and repairs, new roofing, and re-roofing. We offer the best professional advice, and you are guaranteed a swift response. Our team is always ready to listen and provide the best solutions to your needs.

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 Dalton Roofing Is your trusted partner for New Roofs, New Homes, Roof Repairs and Re Roofing in Warrnambool and across South West Victoria.

Our Services Are Top-Notch And Tailored To Meet Your Needs And Budget.

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